With nearly 2-decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Krista Parkinson @mygradsgetjobs runs MyGradsGetJobs.com helping juniors, seniors and 20-somethings get their first jobs in the entertainment industry.

To date, over 120 MyGrads (as she calls her subscribers) have gotten jobs and internships using principles she teaches, her email blasts with job postings sent to subscribers’ in boxes and customized private coaching.

She blogs for the Huffington Post and has exclusive podcasts for her subscribers interviewing industry professionals about what they do, how they do it and how MyGrads can do it too!

Check out Krista’s blog post for BizzyChicks (link in profile), “When To Say “F-it!”: How Oprah and Wynonna Judd Helped Me Decide.”

To learn more about Krista and the awesome work she does, visit the bios page on our website bizzychicks.org!