Bargain for your bikes and for your banking needs! (and more, for that matter!) We often think we can only make bargains while at flea markets, antique fairs, or in developing country bazaars. Not true!
I recently had to buy some bikes as mine were stolen GRRR. I went to my local shop, and after testing a few, decided to get four so everyone in the family could ride. A few I chose were on sale…as I was ringing up, I asked “Any chance you can give me the sale discount on the other two?” Sure enough, 15% off. Just for asking!

The same can hold true with financial shopping. Say you are going to open a bank account – these institutions are competing for YOUR money, see what you can get from them! Perhaps you can ask for perks, like an account opening bonus with a minimum deposit, or if you set up direct deposit from your workplace, for example. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Even when shopping for mortgages, after you find a good deal, ask them if they can do better. For example, ask “is there any way you can get me a reduced mortgage rate? Is there a way you can cut my closing costs somehow?” It works, I swear!

And…if there are no bargains, shop around before you seal the deal.

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